Architectural Glass Tiles

Bellsouth Atlanta Metro Plan 1998
The Bellsouth Atlanta Metro Plan combined Bellsouth mission of "designing bright and airy work in facilities with the desire to ease Atlanta's traffic congestion. The AMP consisted of 6 office towers and 4 remote substations all located near Marta commuter rail stations.

Donna was commissioned by Bellsouth in 2001 to provide custom glass tiles for four of the office towers as well as the remote stations.

Lindbergh City Center
Lindbergh City Center consists of two 14 story towers. Donna's tiles are found in the main atrium area in the cafeteria, company store and piano bars. There are featured walls above coffee bars in the collaborate areas on all 28 floors, as well as 2 banquet seating areas, and borers around mirrors in the lactation rooms. There were several color schemes used through out the project of 4 inch tiles installed without the use of grout.

Midtown Center
The Midtown Center consists of two 16 story towers. Two different color schemes were used for all 32 coffee bars in the collaborate area as well as the feature walls next to the elevators on all floors.

Center for the Visually Impaired
Donna was commissioned by the CVI to do a feature area in the gallery of their new building because of the robust tactile nature of her tiles. She produced tiles with inspiration sayings in Braille, which can be found by the patrons by touching the walls.

Georgia Power
The walls of the cafeteria of the Georgia Power building incorporates the use of rich and vibrant colors as well as interesting textures to give a warm feeling to the space.

Home Accents

Her tiles can also be used as accent tiles with other tiles.



Stained Glass

Donnas stained glass designs can be found in homes all over the Atlanta area and beyond.

Some examples of he works include 16 foot entries with 8 foot doors with arched sidelights and palladium.

Custom 3/4 thick bevels to match the antique panels. Colorful bath windows, wine cabinets and cabinet doors for kitchens.

The use of jewels, and stock bevels of various sizes add sparkle.


Glass Frit
Donna works with glass frit and fused pieces to add detail and depth to scenes.